Darwin "Classic" After Shave Splash  (100ml/3.38oz)
Darwin "Classic" After Shave Splash  (100ml/3.38oz)
Darwin "Classic" After Shave Splash  (100ml/3.38oz)

Darwin Shaving

Darwin "Classic" After Shave Splash (100ml/3.38oz)

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The Darwin aftershave is an alcoholic post-shaving lotion infused with 5 essential oils, specially formulated to soothe the razor's burn. A genuine moisturizing lotion enriched with organic vegetable glycerin, it harnesses the astringent, disinfectant, and calming virtues of the selected essential oils. The alcohol it contains is also organic, providing disinfection for potential cuts and delivering that invigorating touch to awaken the senses!

Darwin's inaugural fragrance is a captivating blend of citrusy notes. The top notes intoxicate you from the very start with the pleasant and sweet essence of soft orange, the tangy and light zest of lemon, and the fascinating, camphorous undertones of lemongrass. These notes give way to the heart's angelic and sensual essence of ginger, followed by a woody and earthy base note of patchouli.

Volume: 100 ml
This alcoholic post-shaving lotion is 100% natural and organic.

Glass flask-style bottle with cork stopper and wax seal. Made in France, designed in collaboration with Le Père Lucien.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: This product contains alcohol which is considered hazardous for shipping via air to international destinations. If any after shaves containing alcohol are purchased by buyers outside the USA, they will be refunded from your order and will not be shipped.