Myrsol 1972 Eau de Cologne Don Carlos (235ml/8oz.)
Myrsol 1972 Eau de Cologne Don Carlos (235ml/8oz.)

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Myrsol 1972 Eau de Cologne Don Carlos (235ml/8oz.)

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Conceived by Don Carlos Aldecoa Ricou, the grandson of Don Miguel Ricou Sulé, this Eau de Cologne carries an exquisite and elegant fragrance, a testament to thoughtful design. Formulated with menthol and citric acid extracts, this cologne delivers a refreshing experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Unleashes freshness and vitality, with a lingering fragrance that endures for hours
  • Dermatologically analyzed and tested for quality assurance
  • Housed in a rustic glass container, adding a touch of timeless charm
  • Generous weight of 235ml/8oz

Crafted with precision in Spain, this Eau de Cologne reflects a harmonious blend of sophistication and freshness.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: This product contains alcohol which is considered hazardous for shipping via air to international destinations. If any after shaves containing alcohol are purchased by buyers outside the USA, they will be and refunded from your order and will not be shipped.