Straight Razor Pinning Washers - Original Cup Style Set Of 4 Brass

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Straight Razor Pinning Washers - Original Cup Style Set of 4 - Brass

Sale price$4.00 USD

These are reproduction small, rounded shoulder cup factory-style washers that duplicate the look of those used on vintage razors. They are as close to factory originals as you will find. These are not the flat or domed washers that most restorationists use today. These replicas are stamped from sheet metal and are countersunk to provide additional strength just like the original cutlers used. Cup washers have dual walls for extra strength and will not flatten, or break down during the peening process. The washers measure 3.7mm (.14") in diameter and 1.0mm thick/height. (Note: Try sanding the bottom down for an even lower mounting profile if you prefer.) You will also receive small steel under washers that provide additional support for locking the pivot and wedge securely. The washer hole fits a 1/16 inch round rod stock, also sold in our shop.

We have been using these washers in our restorations for years with great success.